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Welcome to the world of RC Trucks & more.  We're a network built 100% around RC's and pride ourselves on delivering a great service.  Founded in 2012 we have come a long way since our first appearance under the name PDYTV.  The network started as a YouTube channel and now we actively cover 4 of the largest social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course YouTube.  We also have a Tumblr, however this does not get used.


We love to get the RC's out and make videos but the more time we spend recording the less time we get having fun with the trucks.  This is the main reason we don't post more videos, however that could change.


By donating using the donate button at the top of the page you're helping support our network and giving us more opportunity to build on our store, giving you more products at great prices.

The new Volvo FH is a popular sight on the roads but isn't yet available as an RC model.  We're in the process of making our own and you can see the progress by clicking the link at the top of the page or by clicking here.


The launch of our website was the biggest thing to happen since the launch of our network over 5 years ago.  The donate feature allows you to donate any amount to us through PayPal to support our network.  Anyone who donates over a specific amount, which will not be made public, will receive free products from our store.


We are always looking for new things that could enrich our website.  This desire to constantly grow and evolve has prompted us to delve into aspects of the hobby that, until now have not been featured anywhere on our network.  Until now you have had to use social media and our contact page to ask us questions regarding RC.  We are pleased to announce that we are now launching a tips page, which will feature tips and tricks that we hope will be useful to you.  We will also allow you to send us your tips and tricks to be featured that will aid other enthusiasts in the hobby.


We have also begun looking into hosting our own meets, which as far as we know would be the only truck meet in the West Midlands.  Of cause it wouldn't be exclusively for trucks and we would also invest heavily in how we make videos.  For more on this checkout our Facebook or the news section.


With a background in technology and electronics it's not just the RC's themselves that peak our interest, the tech and electronics that work in the background also interest us.


We are proud to launch Facebook integration along side the Twitter integration that we've previously launched.  This will provide another way for you to keep up to date with everything in the RC Trucks & more world and also allows you to like, comment and share directly from our website.


We are also proud to announce that we have now released an updated version of our online store, offering great new products at great prices, some of which are designed and produced in house and are exclusive to us.


We try to push the limits with every truck we build, from an 8x4 heavy haul to the Coke Knight Hauler and Scania T-Cab 6x2 with mid lift and steer.  We're always trying something new and different.

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