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RCTam hosting meets

With a new year upon us we have been thinking about hosting our own RC meets in the Midlands, where we are based.  Although there are a couple of car meets around there aren't any truck meets that we know to.  We've thought about hosting our own meets for a while but never really thought it was viable.  However after looking into this recently we believe that it is viable for us to host meets complete with layout that'll  be suitable for various RC enthusiasts.  Obviously trucks would be at the heart of this but we aim to also cater for cars, plant and construction, and other land based RC's.

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November 2017

4 years of RC Trucks and more

After recently celebrating our 4th birthday we reflected on everything we've done over the last four years and where we want to be in four years time.


Our journey began in September 2013 when we became RC Trucks & more, we had no idea what sort of impact we'd have but were optimistic and aimed high.  With well over half a million views on YouTube and our website and other social media consistently getting thousands of views per month, we are definitely a growing force in the RC world.  We began to realise the impact we were having when all of our competitors on eBay were forced to lower their prices and profit margins to remain competitive.  This was one of our proudest moments as one of our key missions is to lower the prices and make RC affordable for everyone.


Seeing our YouTube pass half a million views this year was another one of our proudest moments.  We have been quiet on YouTube in recent months but we hope to be more active again soon, with great new content and maybe even a new series.


With multiple website updates and a great new online store, we're definitely making good progress and building the foundations for a better future.  A lot of what goes on is behind the scenes and is not publicly seen.


We believe we're reaching a new chapter in our book and are excited to see what the future holds.  There's plenty more gears in our gearbox and we're changing gears for 2018.  Watch this space, a bigger and better RC Trucks and more is coming.

September 2015

Making RC accessories affordable for everyone

In the last post I briefly talked about our goal to make RC accessories affordable for everyone.  Since we began selling truck decals other sellers have dramatically reduced their prices to match ours and remain competitive.  We consider this to be a huge win as we have had enough influence on the market to force other companies to reduce their profit margins and offer better value for money to customers.

July 2015

A reflection on the last 12 months

As we draw closer to RC Trucks & more’s 2nd Birthday we begin to reflect on everything that's happened over the last 12 months and the great successes we've achieved.


It was 12 months ago when we began building the Coke truck, which has given us the opportunity to delve into some aspects of the hobby that had previously been overlooked.  The build presented the opportunity to explore the different lighting possibilities that would aid the iconic look and also gave us the chance to further utilise what’s possible with the trailers.  From the outset we were always going to have both a self tracking rear steer AND a lift axle.


The other major event from 12 months ago is of cause our website.  Last September saw the launch of our website and now it’s bigger and better than ever and packed full of features, including a shop.  Since the launch of our website we have been able to make a much larger impression on the internet as we saw our social media accounts take off.  Our Facebook page now has in excess of 1,100 likes and our YouTube channel recently smashed the 100,000 view milestone.  The launch of our online shops marked a key moment in our history as it was the moment when our goal of making RC accessories affordable for everyone became a reality.  We launched the shop with just a few decals that were high quality but also significantly undercut our competitors and now we are in the process of adding more designs and also looking into other accessories and mod kits that aren't decals.


Looking into the future, the next 12 months are going to be HUGE for RC Trucks & more as we continue our mission to make RC truly affordable for everyone.  We will expand our online shop to feature new products as well as maintaining quality and low prices.  We will also aim to ABOLISH international postage fees to make our great prices available to everyone.  We will roll out these changes in time for Christmas.  We hope that the next 12 months will also see the continued growth of our network and we aim to double our supporters by next September.  We will also invest more time and effort into our YouTube and work on creating videos with more camera angels that are more interesting and enjoyable for everyone.


Adverts will be shown in various parts of the website to generate revenue that will supplement other income so that the RC Trucks & more team can invest more time and resources into making the website and the rest of our network the best that it can be.


Income generated through adverts will go towards recording and video editing equipment, RC's and maintenance.  The income will only be used for things that will benefit the network and the RC hobby.

Social media integration

Since the launch of our website we have been keen to integrate social media.  We are pleased to announce that we have now integrated Facebook to make it even easier for you to keep up to date with us and get involved.


One of the first additions we made to the website after launch was integrating a Twitter stream so that people could keep up to date and interact with us through Twitter directly from our website.  Integrating Facebook was a little more difficult and with the old style streams being discontinued it was better to wait for the replacement to be launched before integrating.  We have now integrated a Facebook stream which will enable more people to keep up to date with us and provide another way for you to interact with us.  Facebook integration allows you to like, comment and share direct from our website without ever having to go to the Facebook website, making it even easier for you to get involved.


After the launch of our online shop on Big Cartel in June the next step was to build an online store in our own website.  After researching and planning we began to work on making a built in shop and before long we had a small shop that worked.  Having a built in shop opened a lot of doors and has given us a lot more opportunities for selling in the future.


Unfortunately our built in shop will not be taking international orders at this time, however we will be working on making it possible soon.  For now we ask that the built in shop is only used for UK orders and our Big Cartel shop be used for international orders due to postage calculations.


We are pleased to launch a news page to keep you up to date on additions to the website, our network and other general RC Trucks & more news.  We may also talk about other RC related things in the news section and post hand picked articles related to RC products you may be interested in.  Check in regularly to make sure you're not missing out.

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