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Everything you need to know for Tamiya RC Truck steering mods

One of the first mods that enthusiasts think to do is the steering mod.  This simple mod saves space on the chassis as well as making the truck turn sharper.  However, this is for European trucks only.


You will need:

      - U shaped aluminium tube

      - Drill

      - Screws (4 approx 15mm, 4 approx 8mm preferably with washer heads)

      - Servos (2)


First you'll need to measure the chassis (approximately 6cm/60mm) so that you can cut the aluminium tube to the correct size, you'll need to cut two pieces.  Then you'll need to mark out where to drill holes to secure the tube to the chassis.  The first piece of tube should be just in front of the suspension, with the second sitting just in front of the axle, just meeting the shock absorber fixing.  Once you have marked out where to drill to secure the tube to the chassis, you can then begin to drill the holes and either thread the chassis holes or use nuts to screw into.  For this you'll be using the longer of the two types of screw.  When this is finished you should have two pieces of tube secured horizontally across the chassis.  You can then fit the servos.


You'll need two servos, one for steering and one for gear shift.  Mark where the middle of the tubing is and position the servos, alternate ways on the tubing so that they meet in the middle.  The gear shift servo will be on the left and the steering servo will be on the right.  Once the servos are positioned you can mark out where to drill.  When you are happy, you can then drill the holes using the same methods as before.  Finally you can screw the servos to the tubing with the shorter of the screws, you may need washers or washer head screws for this.  The servos will now be secure and you'll be ready to move on with the build.  When fitting the steering arm across the axle, you'll need to bend it to work around the casing of the gearbox.


Below are some photos to help you with this mod.

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